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Past Shows
•2019.11.23 (Sat) at 京都Rinky Dink Studio 四条烏丸店
Damezumari presents: This is Not a Love Song
w/Excuse to Travel, Halfmust, Bascomute, Бесполезно

•2019.11.16 (Sat) at 小岩Bush Bash
Tragic Film presents: Tragic Film / Runner Split Tour Final
w/Tragic Film, Runner, Deathro, Fight It Out, Still, Sunday Bloody Sunday

•2019.8.31 (Sat) at 新大久保Earthdom
Black Hole Records presents: Strip Joint 7″ Release Party
w/Strip Joint, Kaltbruching Acideath, Solvent Cobalt, Unarm, X≒Beat, DJ Goodguy Badband(Yagi + Black Hole)

•2019.7.6 (Sat) at 幡ヶ谷Club Heavy Sick
Control presents: Denomi Album Release Party
w/Control, Denomi, Salt of Life, Forbear, Falls

•2018.10.27 (Sat) at 梅ヶ丘Rinky Dink Studio 4F
Asthenia presents: Saturday Matinee

•2018.3.4 (Sat) at 西荻窪Flat
Keisuke Baba presents: Masada Japan Tour 2018 #TheEyesOfFuryTour
w/Masada (from Germany), Inaction, Nervous Light of Sunday

•2018.1.14 (Sun) at 半蔵門Anagra
Yep presents: Ack Ack Ack Ack #11
w/Yep, Herpiano, Falls

•2017.12.2 (Sat) at 新宿Studio Hill Valley
e & You Not Me present: Not Me vol. 1
w/死んだ方がまし, Sadsummer, xOne Wordx

•2017.11.18 (Sat) at 阿佐ヶ谷Studio Zot
Fog & Rites present: Words to Live by, Words to Die for
w/Cut Back, Fixed, Outward

•2017.10.21 (Sat) at 西荻窪Flat
Control presents: Atrocity Exhibition
w/Control, Salt of Life, Rebel and Summer, Day’s Eye, Office Voids

•2017.9.9 (Sat) at 吉祥寺Warp
Shut Your Mouth presents: 1st Album “Phoenix” Release Show
w/Shut Your Mouth, Civil Defense, Low Vision, Press On Ahead, Rockcrimaz

•2017.8.20 (Sun) at 中野Bass On Top Studio 211
Asthenia presents: Asthenia 自主企画 (I Recover Japan Tour 2017 東京場所 #2)
w/I Recover (from Germany), Segwei, Sunday Bloody Sunday

•2017.7.15 (Sat) at 中野Bass On Top Studio 211
Asthenia presents: Akio’s Last Show
w/Young Lizard

•2017.7.9 (Sun) at 西荻窪Flat
5000 presents: 5000 / Cape Light split release party
w/5000, Cape Light, Motherpill, Sans Visage, Sto Cosi Cosi

•2017.6.3 (Sat) at 下北沢Basement Bar
Imakinn Records present: The Sleeping Aides & Razorblades / Don Karnage split CD release show
w/The Sleeping Aides & Razorblades, Don Karnage, Bows, Office Voids, Shipyards

•2017.4.16 (Sun) at 新宿Dues
Nervous Light of Sunday presents: “深層心理” 7″ release show
w/Nervous Light of Sunday, Fight it Out, Super Structure

•2017.2.4 (Sat) at 福岡Studio Cube
Taiki presents: Benefit Show for ACA of Straight Answer
w/Brave Out, Broken Rust, Lifeless City, Shattered Stone

•2016.12.3 (Sat) at 西荻窪Flat
The Cops Are Inside Us presents:
w/The Cops Are Inside Us, Endzweck, After Forever, Sonoray, Lipups

•2016.11.27 (Sun) at 初台Wall
Young Lizard presents: Flux
w/Young Lizard, Harm Done (from France), Friendship, Payback Boys, Still, Thirty Joy

•2016.10.30 (Sun) at 八王子Rinky Dink Studio 2nd 8st
Fixing a Hole & Daybreak & Sunday Bloody Sunday present: Southpaw Japan Tour 八王子編
w/Southpaw (from UK), Shaft, Who Cares, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Daybreak

•2016.10.28 (Fri) at 新宿Studio Hill Valley
Civil Defense presents: Civil Defense 1st show
w/Civil Defense, Still

•2016.10.22 (Sat) at 小岩Bush Bash
Black Hole & Bush Bash present:
w/Burning Joint, No, Privacy, Shipyards, Unarm, Youth Issue
DJ: Boot Down the Door Crew

•2016.10.9 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
Asthenia presents: Nebraska Japan Tour Final
w/Nebraska, The Blue Leeching Ambulance Song, Rebel One Excalibur, Salt of Life, Young Lizard

•2016.10.8 (Sat) at 郡山アートスペースCasa(笹の川酒造内)
Rebel One Excalibur presents:
w/Nebraska, Rebel One Excalibur, Thepath, 沖は確かな

•2016.10.1 (Sat) at 仙台Bar Take
Tocchi presents: Common Visions vol. 5
w/Alexi, Break of Chain, Hitsville, Red Sky

•2016.9.25 (Sun) at 新宿Studio Hill Valley
ilill presents: Our Year With Ilill
w/ilill (last show before hiatus), Kubiak

•2016.9.22 (Thu) at 下北沢ERA
PUTV Tour presents: Chokehold Japan Tour 2016
w/Chokehold (from Canada), Endzweck, Kowloon Ghost Syndicate, noy, Shut Your Mouth, Super Structure

•2016.9.17 (Sat) at 小岩Bush Bash
Kakinuma & 460 & Kasanuma present: Piri Reis Japan Tour 2016
w/Piri Reis (from Malaysia), Endzweck, Kowloon Ghost Syndicate, Sto Cosi Cosi, Thirty Joy

•2016.8.18 (Thu) at Fallow Cafe, Manchester
SMN & Cold Callers present:
w/Human Hands, Arkless

•2016.8.17 (Wed) at Conroy’s Basement, Dundee
Make That a Take Records presents:
w/Human Hands, Arkless, Kaddish

•2016.8.16 (Tue) at Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow
Charlie & Robert present:
w/Human Hands, Arkless, Kaddish, Old Guard

•2016.8.15 (Mon) at The Old England Pub, Bristol
Rad Not Sad Fest presents: Rad Not Sad 4.20
w/Human Hands, Arkless, Sadvillain, Wulverine

•2016.8.14 (Sun) at DIY Space for London, London
Vested Interest presents: Sudden Death #1
w/Human Hands, Arkless, Lacerate, Sleep Kit, Shonen Bat

•2016.8.13 (Sat) at Flo Skate Park, Nottingham
Coffee Beat presents: Fire as a Metaphor fest 2: A DIY Music fest in Nottingham
w/Akallabêth, Arkless, The Blue Period, Human Hands, Jupiter Lander, Sleep Kit, Shonen Bat, Soul Structure, Wall, Yuri

•2016.8.12 (Fri) at B4|Bar, Birmingham
Rubaiyat Records presents:
w/Human Hands, Arkless, Shonen Bat, Yuri

•2016.7.9 (Sat) at 小岩Bush Bash
Shut Your Mouth & Young Lizard & Elmo present: Hard Times
w/Shut Your Mouth, Elmo, Young Lizard, Office Voids, Pasta Fasta, Thirty Joy, V/Acation

•2016.7.2 (Sat) at 札幌 Klub Counter Action
Cut Back & Kiji present: Love
w/Cut Back, Kiji, My Chord, Realized, 3rd Happy Hardgore

•2016.6.19 (Sun) at 新宿西音楽館
ilill presents: ilill企画
w/ilill, Gleamed

•2016.6.5 (Sun) at 代々木Maldic Studio
Shattered Stone presents: These Are the Days
w/Shattered Stone, Gleamed, Low Vision, Burning Joint

•2016.4.16 (Sat) at 山形Sandinista
Nude presents: Kasi vol. 1
w/Nude, Rebel One Excalibur, Metroid, Gizmondo

•2016.3.19 (Sat) at 新代田Fever
Sans Visage presents: Careless / Sans Visage Japan Tour 2016 Final
w/Sans Visage, Careless (from Sweden), Akutagawa, Deepslaughter, Endzweck, I Have a Hurt, 5000, Forests (from Singapore)

•2016.3.5 (Sat) at 初台Wall
Nervous Light of Sunday presents: 無数のつながり vol. 7
w/Nervous Light of Sunday, Burning Sign, Diebirth, ilill, Low Vision, Segwei

•2016.2.21 (Sun) at 小岩Bush Bash
小岩Bush Bash presents:
w/Deathro, Elmo, Rockcrimaz, Shut Your Mouth

•2016.1.30 (Sat) at 小岩Bush Bash
Moonscape presents: Soileddove
w/Moonscape, Pinprick Punishment, She Luv It, Stinger, Suburban Musïk
DJs: BxBxT, Soileddove, Neudaze, Keita Sekihara, Tanaride

•2016.1.23 (Sat) at 西荻窪Flat
Asthenia presents: Asthenia自主企画
w/The Cops Are Inside Us, Falls, ilill, Red Sky, Shut Your Mouth, Slow Crimes

•2015.12.27 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
Blue Friend presents: Reach to You – Shizune Japan Tour Final & Blue Friend 活動休止ライブ
w/Blue Friend, Shizune (from Italy), Rebel One Excalibur, hue, Friendship

•2015.11.29 (Sun) at 初台Wall
Naoto (For Life) & Wall present: 漸進 vol.2
w/For Life, One Love, Void of Knowledge, Florence, Freegan, Damndog

•2015.11.8 (Sun) at 桜台Pool
Cut the Tension presents: Blind Girls Japan Tour 2015 with Sans Visage
w/Blind Girls (from Austraia), Years Passing (from Sweden), Sans Visage, This Time We Will Not Promise and Forgive, ilill

•2015.10.18 (Sun) at 多摩センター三角広場
Cosmic Neurose presents: Just a Fuckin’ Park
w/Cosmic Neurose, Folk Shock Fuckers, Groaning Groove, Low Vision, おれ、夕子, Shut Your Mouth, Sun Beam Sun, Young Lizard

•2015.7.11 (Sat) at 中野Bass On Top Studio 211
Asthenia presents: Asthenia & Cut Back 2 man show
w/Cut Back

•2015.6.26 (Fri) at 小岩Bush Bash
PUTV Tour presents: No Omega Japan Tour 2015
w/No Omega (from Sweden), Friendship, Redsheer, Shut Your Mouth

•2015.5.24 (Sun) at 西荻窪Flat
Cut the Tension presents:
w/Blue Friend, Fredelica, Friendship, Goodbye Gangsters, Morethan, Shut Your Mouth, Tragic Film, Umberlite

•2015.5.9 (Saj) at 郡山SessioN
Rebel One Excalibur presents: Pass #6
w/Rebel One Excalibur, Blue Friend, Thepath, 痔打球, DJ Nob (Swindles)

•2015.1.10 (Sat) at 横浜Galaxy
Ballpark Figure & Galaxy presents: Yokohama Nerd vol. 1 (INK 1st EP Release Party)
w/Athelas, Ballpark Figure, INK, Tied Knots, Slugger Machine

•2014.12.28 (Sun) at 長野Live House J
kOTOnoha presents: イキヅクオト 第一夜
w/kOTOnoha, Keeshkas Soundservice, The Fatal Error, Hi

•2014.12.23 (Tue) at 小岩Bush Bash
Kowloon Ghost Syndicate presents: Yumi – Rise of the Yellow Peril Tour 2014
w/Yumi (from Singapore), Kowloon Ghost Syndicate, Crucial Section, Tiala, Su19b

•2014.12.7 (Sun) at 西荻窪Flat
西荻窪Flat presents: Redtape #16
w/Band of Accuse, Communicates, Cosmic Neurose, Expired Logic (from US), Vertraft

•2014.12.6 (Sat) at 法政大学市ヶ谷キャンパス外堀校舎多目的室3
創造 vol. 3
w/Blue Friend, Friendship, hue, Rebel One Excalibur, Urgh

•2014.11.23 (Sun) at 名古屋Huck Finn
Isolate presents: “ヒビノコト” Release Tour Final Series
w/Isolate, Doimoi, The Donor, Birth, Hexis (from Denmark)

•2014.11.9 (Sun) at 下北沢Three
死んだ方がまし presents: なしくずしの死 vol. 2
w/死んだ方がまし, Pinprick Punishment, Vektor, The Death
DJ: Fukuyoka

•2014.11.9 (Sun) at 下北沢ERA
Endzweck presents: Unbroken & Strife Japan Tour 2014
w/Unbroken (from US), Strife (from US), Endzweck, Eric, noy, Osrum

•2014.11.2 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
Rookow presents: “Every Precious Trivialities” Release Party
w/Rookow, Infro, This is This, Atari, Play Dead Season, Room 501, Zdzis Law, Agak, Mother

•2014.10.4 (Sat) at 幡ヶ谷Club Heavy Sick
I Feel Fine presents:
w/I Feel Fine, Kowloon Ghost Syndicate

•2014.9.21 (Sun) at 新宿Nine Spices
Twolow presents: Garlic? #1
w/Twolow, Sosite, Sunday Bloody Sunday, SZKN, Xerowound

•2014.8.24 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
Blue Friend & Asthenia presents: ABC Japan Tour 2014 Final 吉祥寺編
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Killie, Play Dead Season

•2014.8.23 (Sat) at 郡山SessioN
Rebel One Excalibur presents: Pass #5 (ABC Japan Tour 2014 福島編)
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Rebel One Excalibur

•2014.8.22 (Fri) at 下北沢ERA
Blue Friend & Asthenia presents: ABC Japan Tour 2014 下北沢編
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Uri Gagarn, Detrytus

•2014.8.21 (Thu) at 新宿Dues
Blue Friend & Asthenia presents: ABC+N (ABC Japan Tour 2014新宿編#2)
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Never Young (from US)

•2014.8.20 (Wed) at 高円寺二万電圧
Miwa Machine presents: Machine Code 01 (ABC Japan Tour 2014 高円寺編)
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Palm, Tragic Film, Cleave

•2014.8.19 (Tue) at 秋葉原音楽館
Sans Visage presents: ABC Japan Tour 2014 秋葉原編
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Sans Visage, Ballpark Figure, Ghostlate

•2014.8.17 (Sun) at 名古屋Spazio Rita
Stiff Slack presents: ABC Japan Tour 2014 名古屋編
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Kmkms, Good Luck with Your Fun, Waganize

•2014.8.16 (Sat) at 京都Studio 246
With One Accord presents: The Light at Split Second #12 (ABC Japan Tour 2014 京都編)
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Zdzis Law, Excuse to Travel

•2014.8.15 (Fri) at 新宿Nine Spices
Asthenia + Blue Friend + Calculator (from US) “ABC Japan Tour 2014 新宿編”
w/Calculator, Blue Friend, Segwei, Otus, Noy

•2014.7.21 (Mon) at 新宿西口音楽館
Cut the Tension presents: You’ll Live Japan Tour 2014
w/You’ll Live (from US), Hopeless Dew, hue, Youth Issue

•2014.6.22 (Sat) at 新宿Nine Spices
Tragic Film & Young Lizard & Otus present: 3 Way Split “Caucasus” Release Show
w/Tragic Film, Young Lizard, Otus, Die Birth, Elmo, Loyal to the Grave, Stand United

•2014.6.12 (Thu) at 新宿Nine Spices
Endzweck presents: As Friends Rust Japan Tour 2014
w/Endzweck, As Friends Rust (from US), Segwei, Noy

•2014.6.7 (Sat) at 沖縄Output
The Cops Are Inside Us presents: Square Room
w/The Cops Are Inside Us, Off Season, Unripe, Aieum, Sonoray

•2014.5.31 (Sat) at 吉祥寺Warp (Floor Live)
吉祥寺Warp & Asthenia present:
w/Atari, Never Meant to Be, Office Voids, Sans Visage, Shipyards, Summerman

•2014.5.10 (Sat) at 新宿Nine Spices
Haaarp presents: Be Thankful for What You’ve Got vol. 2
w/Haaarp, Nervous Light of Sunday, Redsheer

•2014.5.2 (Fri) at 下北沢Studio Bayd
The Ghan presents: #4
w/The Ghan, Dawn

•2013.10.13 (Sun) at 立命館大学 衣笠キャンパス 学生会館
Mother presents: Summit Day 2
w/Birth, Curve (Solo), Fog, Hopeless Raven, hue, Kiji, Theorem, Walk, Zdzis Law

•2013.10.12 (Sat) at 吉祥寺Warp
Document Not Found presents:
w/Document Not Found, Birth, Blue Friend, Clasicks, Kiji, A Picture of Her, Walk, Rookow, Ultra Peach

•2013.10.5 (Sat) at 下北沢ERA
Dirty Satellites presents:
w/Dirty Satellites, Navel, Off-End, Soon

•2013.9.28 (Sat) at 吉祥寺Warp
Upwife & hue & Cisum present: 上がる妻と笛の音を楽しむ vol. 00
w/Upwife, hue, Cisum, Malegoat, Rebel One Excalibur, The North End, Slavedriver, 五日市ぜんそく

•2013.8.25 (Sun) at 調布Sun Music Studio
Daybreak & Ill Apple present:
w/Daybreak, Ill Apple, Tojin, Moth

•2013.8.16 (Fri) at 小岩Bush Bash
Blue Friend presents: Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Japan Tour 2013
w/Duck. Little Brother, Duck! (from US), Blue Friend, Young Lizard, COQ, hue

•2013.7.13 (Sat) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
LDBZ presents: Bench Cleaning vol.1
w/LDBZ, Shut Your Mouth, ゲバ棒, Greenwell, Daybreak

•2013.6.30 (Sun) at 新宿Nine Spices
Nine Spices presents:
w/Blue Friend, Young Lizard, Tragic Film, Lang, Maggie

•2013.6.8 (土) at 新宿Loft
Keep and Walk presents: Keep and Walk Tokyo Midnight
w/Isolate, Enslave, 反好旗, Spiritual Garden, Wakamiya

•2013.5.11 (Sat) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Asthenia & Young Lizard present: XXXXX
w/Young Lizard, Tragic Film, Shut Your Mouth, Otus, 死んだ方がまし

•2013.4.29 (Mon) at 新宿Nine Spices
新宿Nine Spices presents:
w/Browntrout, Shipyards, hue, Takahashigumi, Fredelica, 東京スーパースターズ

•2013.4.19 (Fri) at 高円寺ドムスタ
Takahiro Koyama presents: Weekend for Working Class Vol.1
w/Alt, DJ DT, Ghostlate, The Girls Don’t Cry, Hellen, Sans Visage, ブックオフボーイ, 江ノ島バークレーズ, 年貢

•2013.3.23 (Sat) at 郡山SessioN
Rebel One Excalibur presents: Pass #2 (Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 Final 福島編)
w/Human Hands, Rebel One Excalibur, 痔打球, DJ Nob (Swindles)

•2013.3.22 (Fri) at 静岡Club 151
Further Platonix presents: Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 静岡編
w/Human Hands, Kitten, From Ten to Nine, Order From

•2013.3.20 (Wed) at 吉祥寺Warp
Asthenia presents: Reach to You #2 (Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 東京編)
w/Human Hands, Im’ Sill Troise, Malegoat, Shipyards, Blue Friend, Hue

•2013.3.17 (Sun) at 名古屋Studio 246
PIE_Qooooo presents: Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 名古屋編
w/Human Hands, Miniascape, Sextomold, Vacant

•2013.3.16 (Sat) at 出町柳Socrates
With One Accord presents: The Light at Split Second #8 (Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 京都編)
w/Human Hands, Blue Friend, Salt of Life, Zdzis Law, Cows

•2013.3.15 (Fri) at 高円寺ドムスタ
Asthenia presents: Human Hands Japan Tour 2013 前哨戦
w/Human Hands, Forms of Talk

•2013.3.3 (Sun) at 旭川Mosquit
Sunday Worst Enemy & Nano Distro present: Fortissimo! 2013 Kiji “He Gave a Wonderful Performance” Release Party
w/Another 9note, Birth, Document Not Found, Kiji, TG. Atlas

•2013.3.2 (Sat) at 札幌Klub Counter Action
Kiji presents: ASOU vol. 2
w/Birth, Document Not Found, Kiji, The Sun, Walk

•2013.2.11 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
吉祥寺Warp presents: Delicious
w/Cinq, Cisum, In the Sun, Monochrome Omita, Rinc:kee

•2013.1.27 (Sun) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Senseless Records presents: Local Communication
w/Rookow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Hue, Kabekuuh, Neoteny

•2012.12.23 (Sun) at 代々木八幡Theory LM Studio
Document Not Found & Room present: This is also good, but it is also good vol. 3
w/Document Not Found, Room, Blue Friend, Bullpen, Daiei Spray, Detrytus, Elica, The Ghan, Hue, Play Dead Season, Rookow, Union of Snakes, かくらかる

•2012.12.14 (Fri) at 代々木八幡Theory LM Studio
りょ沈さん presents: イマハミライ #7
w/The Cops Are Inside Us, Sonoray, Wakamiya

•2012.10.7 (Sun) at 鶯谷What’s Up
Middle presents: 東京番外地 #16
w/Middle, No, Room, Quizkid

•2012.8.5 (Sun) at 代々木八幡Theory LM Studio
Asthenia presents: Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent
w/The Autumn, Nothing Nothing Nothing!, The Sunsetboulevard, Young Lizard

•2012.7.21 (Sat) at 下北沢Studio Wish
Blue Friend presents: We’re Blue Friends! (Ben’s Farewell Show)
w/Blue Friend, Document Not Found

•2012.7.15 (Sun) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Shipyards presents:
w/Shipyards, The Lions, The Autumn, Parkmates, Tin Soldiers

•2012.7.14 (Sat) at 新宿西口音楽館
Im’ Sill Troise presents: Reach to You
w/Im’ Sill Troise, Blue Friend, Hue, Rebel One Excalibur, ちくわしなちくちくわ

•2012.5.27 (Sun) at 吉祥寺Warp
Rookow and Fxxxxxn Sense present: Never Forget First Impact! – Funeral Gig for Takashi Kakoi
w/Rookow, The Anchors, This Time We Will Not Promise and Forgive, Elica, Daiei Spray, My Name Is…, Play Dead Season, Room 501, From Ten to Nine, Sosite, LFQ, Sto Cosi Cosi, Myheadswims, Thread Yarn

•2012.5.5 (Sat) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Senseless Records presents: Local Communication
w/Blue Friend, Case Arc, Ghostlate, Hue, Kabekuuh

•2012.4.22 (Sun) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Senseless Records presents: Local Communication
w/Daybreak, Eleventh (ex-Tournament), Rinto SS, Tin Soldiers, Young Lizard

•2012.3.10 (Sat) at 金沢メロメロポッチ
Chanhii presents: strcmp
w/Niard, Ningen OK, NotIIBeLikeSomeone, Sajjanu, Wozniak

•2012.3.4 (Sun) at 吉祥寺GOK Studio
Blue Friend & From Ten to Nine present:
w/Blue Friend, Document Not Found, Cofun, From Ten to Nine, Ivy, None But Air

•2011.12.23 (Fri) at 西荻窪Flat
Document Not Found & Room present: This is also good, but it is also good
w/Document Not Found, Room, Detrytus, Rookow, Shipyards, I Have a Hurt, 恋はもうもく, Elica

•2011.8.13 (Sat) at 京都Rinky Dink Studio四条烏丸店
With One Accord presents: The Light at Split Second vol.4
w/Rebel and Summer, Cofun, Theorem

•2011.7.31 (Sun) at 代々木八幡Theory LM Studio
Asthenia presents: Incubate vol.2
w/Rebel and Summer, Rookow, Salt of Life, Sunday Bloody Sunday, IFeelFine, Deathlike Silence

•2011.7.30 (Sat) at 吉祥寺Rinky Dink & Warp
From Ten to Nine & 彼方遥 present: The Carnival of Bright-Split
w/From Ten to Nine, 彼方遥, Elica, Rookow, Play Dead Season, Mermort Sounds Film, Document Not Found, Salt of Life, みなとまち, Akutagawa, MOL9000, In the Unknown, Noeye, 反好旗, Sisi, The Cabs, Tetola93, Heliotrope, 静カニ潜ム日々, Archaique Smile, Fifi, Tatami, Sunday Morning Bell, Imamon, House., Gong Gong Valley, スクイズメン, Masquie, ふくしまみさき, Wakamiya, A.O.W., Atari, Clean of Core, Hopeless Raven, Linecut, Wozniak

•2011.5.20 (Fri) at 吉祥寺GOK Studio
Detrytus presents: Sub-Stance! vol.3
w/Detrytus, Rebel and Summer, We Are Time

•2011.5.14 (Sat) at 高田馬場 音楽館
Union of Snakes presents: Bass Line Murder vol.1
w/Union of Snakes, Men with a Clap, This Time We Will Not Promise and Forgive, Shipyards, Brainstorm

•2011.5.8 (Sun) at 多摩センター 三角広場・野外ステージ
Daybreak & 満州候補者 present: Noise + Incident 2
w/満州候補者, Daybreak, Grin, Encroached, Not Great Men, Three Days Film, Groaning Groove, ボロキチ, Dog Hotel

•2011.5.7 (Sat) at 新宿Nine Spices
Heaven in Her Arms presents: Japan Tour 2011 with Celeste
w/Celeste (from France), Heaven in Her Arms, Cohol, Pastafasta, Pazahora (from Singapore)

•2011.4.3 (Sun) at 八王子Rinky Dink 2nd Studio #8
Senseless Records presents: Local Communication
w/Detrytus, Rookow, Not Great Men, Ghostlate

•2010.11.28 (Sun) at 代々木八幡Theory LM Studio
w/Trikorona, Deathlike Silence, Daybreak, todori


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