Akio’s comp is finally released

“My Fellows” compilation album a.k.a. “Akio-Comp” or “Akio’s Sagrada Família” by Akio (who played drums for us 2016-2017, and is now in Tragic Film & Goodbye Gangsters & Beyondman & million other bands), which was originally announced to be released in early 2018, was finally released digitally last month.
we’re on it along with 11 other bands including Young Lizard, Otus, Treadmills, Goodbye Gangsters, Shut Your Mouth, and Still. everyone contributed exclusive songs, and most of them are really cool ones. I recommend listening to the whole thing from first to last ‘cause every band sounds so different from one another, like one band sounds like Chokehold and another is like The Lawrence Arms or Weekend Nachos, yet somehow it flows well as an album. and every band rules and makes me miss going to some sweaty-smokey-smelly venues so bad. I also think it captures what current Tokyo hardcore & punk scene is like well (from Akio’s crazy perspective).

as for our song, title “この瞬間” (pronounces Kono Shunkan) means “This Moment” in English and it’s about living this very moment fully and trying not to be numbed by Japanese society that constantly tries to rob fun and freedom from us. musically it’s our fastest / heaviest / angriest sounding song ever. its working title was “Groundwork” because I thought it sounds kinda like Groundwork mixed up with Unbroken and Uranus or something.

you can listen to the whole comp on Akio’s Bandcamp or Apple Music / Spotify / etc.
CD + Zine will be released by the end of August. Zine features a lot of columns (in Japanese tho) and artworks.
hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

lastly, stay safe. black lives matter in Japan, US, everywhere in the world. Free Hong Kong. Fuck racists.

Hiroshi // Asthenia


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