Akio’s Last Show

7/15 (土) 中野Bass On Topスタジオ211号室
Asthenia (Akio’s Last Show)
Young Lizard
open 12:00 / start 12:30 / 500 Yen

no, we don’t break up, but this is gonna be our last show with Akio on drums. he joined us in late 2015, and wrote 3 new songs, and played 31 shows (I just counted) together as a drummer for us. he will remain as our 6th member forever as long as we keep going, but Kent will come back on drums after this gig and so, this is gonna be the last chance for a while that you can watch us with Akio.

Akio is a busy guy doing a lot of things. he’s currently a member of several bands including Tragic Film, Soul Discharge, Make It Last, and fill-in in about 30 other hardcore/punk bands (didn’t count this time tho). sometimes I feel like he has a nuclear power plant in his backbone, as he always involves in so many projects, yet parties harder and longer than anyone, while working everyday wearing suits. he’s definitely one of the hungriest persons I’ve ever met when it comes to enjoying life. my thoughts on his drums are exactly like his lifestyle – 100% full of energy. we were lucky to have him on drums. we just recorded some songs with him, and will record more songs with Kent later. both sessions will go to our first LP. directions of new songs are slightly different from what we have done in the past in my opinion. guess what they sound like from working titles: “Slow”, “Classic”, “Hard to Play”, and “Native Nod”.

as you may already know, Kent was in Singapore for about a year and came back to Japan a few months ago. he played drums in Yumi while he was in there, and recorded an album with them before coming back.

check it out.

we will play our first show since 2015 with him on 7/9 (a week before Akio’s last show) at Nishiogikubo Flat. then 8/20 (TBA), and then 9/9 at Kichijoji Warp. that’s it at the moment, but more shows will be added for sure. come and hang out with us.

アキオ君のastheniaのドラムとしてのラストライブを7/15に中野Bass On Topスタジオ211で企画します。共演は、アキオ君と知り合うきっかけになった2013年の”XXXXX”というライブを共同企画したYoung Lizard。ilill / xone wordxの馬場君がメンバーに加入してから初めて見るので楽しみですね。





Hiroshi / Asthenia
currently listening: Ghostface Killah – all


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