Asthenia / Human Hands / Arkless UK Tour 2016

12.8 (Fri) B4|Bar, Birmingham w/ Shonen Bat, Yuri
13.8 (Sat) Flo Skate Park, Nottingham w/ Akallabêth, The Blue Period, Jupiter Lander, Sleep Kit, Shonen Bat, Soul Structure, Wall, Yuri
14.8 (Sun) DIY Space for London, London w/ Jupiter Lander, Lacerate, Sleep Kit, Shonen Bat, Soul Structure, and TBA
15.8 (Mon) The Old England Pub, Bristol w/ Sadvillain
16.8 (Tue) Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow w/ Kaddish, Old Guard
17.8 (Wed) Conroy’s Basement, Dundee w/ Kaddish
18.8 (Thu) Fallow Cafe, Manchester


we’re so excited that we’ll reunite with Human Hands – who Asthenia toured Japan together back in 2013 – to tour UK together this August. Arkless (a fantastic emo band featuring ex members of What Price, Wonderland & Bird Calls. their debut 12″ is so so good) will also join this tour, which gets me excited even more.

after that Japan tour finished, we constantly talked about touring again someday in future. I’m so happy that “someday” is actually coming soon. can’t wait to hang out with all of Human Hands Japan tour crew again, and make friends with people I’ve not met yet.

this is the first time we’ll ever play outside Japan, and I’m not sure if we could get another chance in future. I feel like this is gonna be my once-in a-lifetime experience. we’ll try our best to put 100% at every gig and leave no regret.

also, our split 7″ with Akallabêth, who we will play together at Fire as a Metaphor fest II in Nottingham, will be released on the first day of the tour. we’ll also bring some merch and our old records, and distro of our friends’ bands (Detrytus, Salt of Life, Elica, Rebel One Excalibur, the Sun, etc.). so please check our table out when you come to the gig.

for more info of the tour, visit here.

2013年に日本に招聘して一緒にツアーしたHuman Handsと来月よりUKツアーを行います。Arkless (元What Price, WonderlandのAndyや元Bird CallsのMaxらによる新バンド。The Van Pelt + Football, etc.な感じでめっちゃ良いです)との3 way tourで、バーミンガム、ノッティンガム、ロンドン、ブリストル、グラスゴー、ダンディー、マンチェスターと7日間で7箇所を回る予定です。

Human Handsの面々とはツアー後も「いつかまた一緒にツアーしよう!」なんて言ってたんですが、そのいつかが本当に来ることが決まって感無量です。人生に一度あるかないかの機会だと思ってるので、精一杯楽しんで来ようと思ってます。対バンのライブ見るのもとても楽しみ。



Hiroshi / Asthenia


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