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Four Songs Cassette Tape out now in UK

Cassette tape version of Four Songs is now available at Cross Your Heart and Hope to DIY.

this tape has the same four songs the as 10″, with different artwork designed by Kyle McPartlin. if you live in Europe, or even other continents, you can get it way cheaper than ordering a vinyl from Japan.
big shout out to Kyle & his Cross Your Heart and Hope to DIY records for making it happen. also, I’m really satisfied with his artwork for this tape (not to say I don’t like the original artwork of the 10″, indeed I do LOVE it). He also designed some of my favorite records in the past few years. check his website to see more artworks by him.
I forgot exact number, but I was told that this release is limited to 50 or 100 copies. so get it while it’s available!

今年リリースした10″のカセットバージョンがイギリスのCross Your Heart and Hope to DIYから出ました。デザインはそのレーベルのKyleによるもの。これまでにFootball, etc.やHuman Hands, Your Neighbour the Liar, Plaidsなどの音源のデザインを手がけております(彼の個人ホームページにてこれまでの作品が閲覧可)。とてもかっこいいデザインに仕上げてくれて感謝してます。

Rookow – Every Precious Trivialities
our pals Rookow released 6 songs CD. Me (Hiroshi) and Shintaro did back up chorus in 2 songs. if you dig discordant, chaotic-yet-melodic post hardcore like Jawbox, Cowpers, and Giants Chair, go check this awesome CD.

私もコーラスとして”Void Function”という曲で0.5秒、”So Far”という曲で(ふっ君らと共に)計3秒ほど参加しております。

Rookowのアルバムのダイジェストはここで聴けます。よく言われるCowpersやKiwirollなどの影響も勿論感じますが、個人的には複雑なギターワークやそこはかとなく漂う哀愁にGiants ChairとかJawboxなどの空気を感じる瞬間もあり、しかし最終的には春田さんの渋良い声のボーカルによってRookowでしかない音楽性になっているのが素晴らしいと思います。どちらかと言えば明るいメロディーなのに隠し切れない情緒感とか侘び寂びみたいのが出てるのが本当に最高。是非皆に聴いて頂きたい1枚。

we have 5 gigs left this year. if you’ll be in Japan next month or so and have time to come to the gig, let us know. let’s hang out!


•2014.11.23 (Sun) at 名古屋Huck Finn
Isolate presents: “ヒビノコト” Release Tour Final Series
w/Isolate, Doimoi, The Donor, Birth, Hexis (from Denmark)
Open 17:30 / Start 18:00 / Adv. 1,800 Yen / Door 2,000 Yen

•2014.12.6 (Sat) at 法政大学市ヶ谷キャンパス外堀校舎多目的室3
創造 vol. 3
w/Blue Friend, Friendship, hue, Mother, Rebel One Excalibur, Urgh
Open 16:00 / Start 16:30 / Ticket Free

•2014.12.7 (Sun) at 西荻窪Flat
西荻窪Flat presents: Redtape #16
w/Expired Logic (from US), Band of Accuse, Communicates, Cosmic Neurose, Vertraft, and TBA
Open TBA / Start TBA / Adv. 1,400 Yen / Door 1,800 Yen

•2014.12.23 (Tue) at 小岩Bush Bash
Kowloon Ghost Syndicate presents: Yumi – Rise of the Yellow Peril Tour 2014
w/Yumi (from Singapore), Kowloon Ghost Syndicate, Crucial Section, Tiala
Open 18:00 / Start 18:30 / Door 2,500 Yen only (no advanced ticket)

•2014.12.28 (Sun) at 長野Live House J
kOTOnoha presents: イキヅクオト 第一夜
w/kOTOnoha, Keeshkas Soundservice, The Fatal Error, Hi
Open TBA / Start TBA / Adv. TBA / Door TBA

思い出。Unbroken + Astheniaの3/5 + 上杉さん。
unbroken asthenia uesugi-san
本当は全員で撮りたかったけど。僕のスミスTシャツに反応したRobとThere is a Light That Never Goes Outをこの場でデュエットした。至福だった(顔に出てる)。

Hiroshi // Asthenia


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